Basic Course Manchester, UK, July 23-27, 2017

Criris Manangement in Schools (CMiS)[more]

A Dutch Model of Psychosocial Support for Refugee Children in School

A Dutch Model of Psychosocial Support for Refugee ...[more]

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Preparing Schools for Crisis Intervention[more]

Crisis Management in Schools (CMiS) – Interest Group

How this group developed

The Crisis Management in Schools (CMiS) – Interest Group has emerged from annual meetings of those who were trained in the Basic CMiS and Advanced CMiS courses. Trainees who had a lot of experience since the first training starting 2003 are forming a core group for discussion and exchange on the new field for school psychologists: crisis management in schools.

The development goes on into the direction of more prevention of violence to social emotional learning and special parts of these life skills.

Last Meeting: 11.-13.4.2014 Place Gültstein-Herrenberg, Germany, Baden-Württemberg

Tatyana Klyueva (Director)

20th Anniversary RSPC Samara

Dear Tatyana, dear Colleagues in Samara,
 We send our dearest congratulations and applause on the 20th anniversary of your service. It is amazing what you have achieved and we are proud to call you “our friends and collegues in Samara”. We wish you a beautiful celebration, many fruitful years of engagement for the well-being of children to come and we are looking forward to our ongoing and inspiring cooperation.
Your colleagues from the European School Psychology Center for Training. ESPCT

Bernhard Meißner, Odeth Bloemberg, Olanda Momcilovic, Jan-Erik Schmidt and Dieter Glatzer